The Kansas Transparency Act (HB 2573) was heard in the House Appropriations Committee this morning, Rep. Whitmer, one of the two co-sponsors of the bill, testified in support. There were no opponents to the bill and the proponents included the Kansas Press Association, Americans For Prosperity, the Secretary of State’s office and the Board of Directors of the Information Network of Kansas.

“Through this bill, we have an opportunity to partner with an existing state resource to do a true service for the people of Kansas, and bring committee rooms into the internet age”, Whitmer said. “This is a win for transparency and a win for the people of Kansas. Transparency is essential to the democratic process and this bill will give the people of Kansas another window into the legislative process”.

The committee is likely to work the bill next week and should it pass out of committee it would hopefully move to the floor of the House for final action. To follow the progress of HB 2537 visit :


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