First, let me thank those of you who took the time to fill out and return our survey. We mailed out over 1,400 surveys to registered voters in the district and received over 240 completed responses.

Here is a summary of the survey results:

1. The Legislature just approved a $500+ million per year increase in new K-12 spending beyond the $300+ million increase it approved last year:

a. Do you believe this increase is justified? _17%_YES _75%_NO _04%_ PARTIALLY _01%_ Not Sure

b. Do you support additional tax increases to fund K-12 Education? _01%_YES _80%_ NO _19%_ Not Sure

c. Considering these additional resources, do you believe our schools: _13%_ Need More Funding     _60%_ Need Less Funding     _22%_ Current Funding is Fine     _05%_ Unsure

Regarding the K-12 Gannon case (regarding K-12 funding) currently before the Kansas Supreme Court, what should the Legislature’s response be if the Supreme Court demands even more funding?

_04%_Appropriate More Funding Even if it Requires a Tax Hike or Cuts to Other Programs

_53%_ Adopt a Constitutional Amendment Clarifying the Balance Between the Legislature and Court

_43%_ Resist the Court by Doing Nothing – There is a Constitutional Separation of Powers

_ 0%_ Other

Thinking of your overall Kansas tax burden:

a. Are income taxes: _92%_Too High _0%_ Too Low _08%_ Just Right

b. Are sales taxes: _87%_Too High _0%_ Too Low _13%_ Just Right

c. Are property taxes: _89%_Too High _0%_ Too Low _11%_ Just Right

How should the Legislature spend the “windfall” from the Trump Tax Cuts?

_92%_ Give back to the taxpayers (you) in various forms such as raising the standard deduction, etc.

_ 0%_ Spend on Education

_ 0%_ Spend on other government programs

_08%_ Not Sure / Combination

Medicaid Expansion is expected to cost Kansas taxpayers $1 billion over the next decade if fully implemented. My research tells me that expansion would not expand currently available benefits, but instead expand eligibility to able-bodied adults without children, many of whom already receive benefits through their employer. Should Kansas adopt Medicaid Expansion? _0%_YES _100%_NO

Comments: Below are some of the comments and feedback we’ve received from voters in the 93rd:

              The Kansas education system is broken, why should we pay more for a broken system!

              It is unethical to tax groceries.

              Stop the invasion of illegal immigrants into Kansas.

              Too high school administration salaries and too many administrators.

              Test scores in education continue to fall, more funding is NOT the answer.

              State government is too large and not accountable for how they spend taxpayer money!

              Tired of schools demanding more money.

              Elderly people are taxed severely, they are taxed out of their homes.

              We are going to lose good teachers in Kansas without help.

Thank you again for responding to the survey, if you have not sent your survey in yet, please do, I really appreciate the feedback!

Best regards,


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